Re: flourescent light article

The compilation is a good source of information and pretty accurate, 
also.  Good job.

I have a few points to add:

- The Time-Life books reference is a great place to start and has the 
basics of fluorescent light operation.  It is not too advanced, however.

- instant-start lamps have a single pin on each end.  It is unlikely that 
anyone is using one over their aquarium.

- preheat lamps are obsolete only for room applications.  The chief 
drawback is that there is a second of flicker before the lamp lights.  
For aquarium lamps, this is not an issue.  Also, rapid-start systems 
apply a continuous current across the cathode heaters, using additional 
power.  Pre-heat systems don't have this drawback.

- the T-8 bulbs which everyone refers to as being superior to T-12's are 
the T-8 32W tubes.  T-8 is the diameter, and does not necessarily 
indicate less power usage.  The 32W T-8's have a different ballast 
technology which does not heat the cathodes continuously, conserving 
energy, but retains some of the advantageous features of rapid-start bulbs.
 T-8 bulbs are available in different lengths (e.g. 24") which have the 
same power consumption as a T-12.