Plants available


It's time to do another major clean-up and I have some surplus plants and 
animals. If you live in the metro Toronto area and are looking for some 
starter plants (or fish), please let me know before I take them to the store.

Plants available
	Lots Hygrophila polysperma (hygro plant)
	Some Rotala macrandra (red rotala)
	Some Rotala rotundifolia (dwarf rotala)
	Some Hydrocotyle leucocephala (pennywort)
	A large Echinodorus bleheri (amazon sword)
	Lots Cabomba aquatica (yellow cabomba)
	Some Hygrophila corymbosa (giant hygro)
	a few Vallisneria spiralis

Fish etc.
	About 50 baby kribs (about 1") - if you can catch them :)
	About 100 gold apple snails (dime to quarter sized)
	lots malaysian snails

I am getting ready to try some "real" plants, like crypts :).

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