algae eating sharks

I have also found SAE`s being sold as "algae eating sharks".  This was at
the Petland store in Naperville Illinois.  Apparently the wholesalers in 
the U.S. feel algae eating shark is more marketable than siamese algae

Having never seen an live SAE before, I read Neil and Liisa`s article on
the AGA homepage and examined the 4 fish I brought home more closely.

Three are real SAE`s (passed the red algae test) but the fourth fits the
description of crossocheilus oblongus.  When compared to an SAE of equal
length, c. oblongus has a slightly higher body IMHO, kind of neon tetra-
ish at least compared to SAE`s CAE type shape.  Does anyone else agree or
could I have yet another related fish.  In all other respects it fits
the article`s description of c. oblongus (transparent fins, black stripe
ends at tail, 2 pairs of barbels, etc.)

I`m out of time but hope to add a few more comments soon.

					Stephen Morrison