RE: Yamato-Numaebi (again)

Subject: Yamato-Numaebi (again ?)

Just in case you have not seen the famous algae eating shrimp, Practical
Fishkeeping (PFK) magazine has a close up picture of it in the Dec '95
issue (p. 96). It's a pretty creature. Apparently there are quite a few
UK stores have them. The article has a list of those stores. The retail
price is 2.95 pounds ea. It's very effective in cleaning up algae from
plants but not on the tank glass.

Has somebody (in UK or Japan) has first hand experience with this shrimp ?


Japanese Marsh shrimp is # 1 algae control agent in Japan if we are to beleive
Takashi Amano who discovered and first started to use them. To quote him
some of his tanks, prior to use of yamato-numaebe looked like an algae 
exhibition tanks!  If it is available in UK and presumably in some other parts
of Europe why has nobody tried to bring it to North America... Surely there is 
a lot of interest among us aquarists. I would be very interested to get some of 
those creatures.

Franc Gorenc,     Kitchener,    Ontario