Re: SAE identification

> Yesterday I picked up three 3 to 4 CM fish labeled algae-eating sharks
> at the local pet shop. In every respect but one they seem to exhibit
> all of the signs of being the true SAE: reticulated back, pointed snout,
> The black body line extends only slightly into the caudal fin. Is this
> a characteristic of juveniles of the species, or might this be another
> related species? 

the black stripe is not as clear with young SAEs as it is with adult fish.
It is rather normal that it doesn't go all the way to the fork of the tail,
but disappears somewhere in the middle of the tail.  As long as the back
is really reticulated and there is some black in the tail fin too, I'm
nearly sure you have the right thing there!  "Algae-eating sharks", huh...

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