RE: Subject: Plants in A Discus Tank

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Hi Ron Rodriguez <rrdgez at houwork_com>,

I have a discus tank and keep mainly amazon swords, java moss, and java 
fern in the tank.  I like to keep the discus tank dimmer so don't have 
all the lights.  The discus really like swimming/hiding/sleeping in the 
swords to the point that sometimes they are hard to find.  I wouldn't 
recommend the moss and ferns in your talk though since they like the 
dimmer tanks.  I do have some swords in my other tank that has all the 
bright lights and they do good there also.  One good thing about the 
swords are that they are a broader leaf plant so the algae eaters keep 
them real clean compared to the finer leaf plants.

I would question you light pattern 
though(Ex.6:30am-8:00am;10am-noon;3pm-5:30pm;7pm-11pm for a total of 10 
hrs).  I would think this would really confuse the plants in there 
CO2/O2 cycling...maybe someone who knows the chemistry will pipe up.  
IMHO, you should think about keeping the lights on for a full 12 hours, 
and then have some small algae eaters, and ALOT of plants.  My lighted 
tank hasn't had an algae problem for over a year now.