Plants in A Discus Tank

I'm 6 weeks into my new tank set-up (180 gal,2-2217 Eheims,15watt UV).  Water is setting up rather nicely.  I'd like to keep my water temperature high at 86 degrees for the discus. What kind of plants would you recommend?  I'm utilizing 6 Coralife 50/50 30-watt bulbs with external reflectors.  How long should I keep them on?  I've also heard you can minimize algae growth by utilizing a timer and turning the lights on/off over an extended period of time and still getting the 10-12 hours most people recommend (Ex.6:30am-8:00am;10am-noon;3pm-5:30pm;7pm-11pm for a total of 10 hrs).  Is this true?