Re: plecos

>>> <<As long as people are defending fish, I thought I'd defend this one [mine]
>>> have never had any interest in any of my plants at all.  I would think

Well, there are plenty of people who can provide the opposite view.  ;-)
I once bought a small common pleco (the smallest I could find, about 4 cm).
I took it home and watched in horror that night as it darted out from under
the driftwood, grabbed a leaf of one of my plants (I believe it was a
Brazillia Pennywort), yanked it off the stem, took it back under the
driftwood and dined on it.  Then it went out for another leaf.  I
immediately netted the guy, isolated him and took him back to the store the
next day.

I have had a lot of success with Dwarf Plecos though (Peckoltia vittata).