re:Ghost Shrimp?!?

>     Can somebody tell me which choice to take?
>a -  buy like mad, those ghost shrimp are unbelievable!
>b -  pass on those little shrimp imposters, they are not the real ones.

c - Ghost shrimp do eat algae, but you need a lot of them to get rid of lots of 

They're nice to have, but they don't grow to adulthood particularly fast, and 
they make very good fish food if you have fish that might be interested.  They 
also tend to get stuck in filtration systems that have a small inlet.

From what I can tell, ghost shrimp will eat just about any kind of algae, but 
they have very definite preferences.  They also will choose fish food just 
about any day over algae.

If you want to "breed" them, get a few females that are laden with eggs.  Put 
them in a big tank with lots of hiding places.  A few months later, you'll see 
tiny shrimp in your tank if you look hard enough (and if they don't get stuck 
in the filter).  I have a load of juveniles in a 10g tank with 7x24 lighting.  
The water is green and cloudy, and the shrimp appear to like it that way.

They love dried daphnia.

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