Ghost Shrimp?!?

     Did I hear someone say Ghost Shrimp?  Those 5 for a dollar clear
shrimp that are nearly impossible to see?  Could this be true?  These
little shrimp are the mysterious shrimp that work wonders on your
algae problem and are impossible to find?  
     I dont think so!  I was standing in front of a tank of "ghost
shrimp" as I was talking to a worker of a local pet shop.  He was
telling me of this mysterioous wonder, and how he has been looking for
them for two years now.  I was under the impression that they were
bigger than ghost shrimp, and had reddish markings rather than clear.
     Can somebody tell me which choice to take?

a -  buy like mad, those ghost shrimp are unbelievable!

b -  pass on those little shrimp imposters, they are not the real ones.
Justin Frese