Re: algae & new filter

> >bleaching the plants.  So my question is if I cycle my new
> >filter on my old tank, which has loads of algae, will I just
> >be transferring algal spores to my new tank?
> Yes you will.  You have to get rid of all the hair algae or else it will
> just climb back on your plants.

Another note of caution. If you "sterilize" one tank, but have other
tanks, you will have to work really hard at preventing reinfection.
I've had BG algae-from-hell for over a year. Antibiotics take care of
it short term, but it always seems to come back with a vengence. My
current theory is that:

1) my tanks are "unbalanced" with regards to BG algae, so conditions
are generally favorable to its growth (e.g., lots of light, bit more
phosphate in water than ideal, sometimes no nitrates, etc.).

2) I have 7 tanks. When I get rid of BG algae in some tanks, I
probably still have a little (or lot as the case may be) in another
tank. When doing water changes, it's almost impossible to keep stuff
in one tank from entering the other. Either via hands, hoses, water
change buckets, etc.

3) Nuking the tank with antibiotics only gets the stuff in the
water. BG algae likes to grow on the surface on floating plants, and
the sides of the tank. The residual algae above the water lines (e.g.,
splashed up on the canopy, in the crack under the top rim, etc. is
hard to get with antibiotics.

In the last few months, I've gotten more agressive at trying to fix
the problem for good.  I've gone as far bleaching hoses, nets,
etc. before going between tanks. This seems to have helped, but I was
disappointed to note that after 4 weeks, BG algae has appeared again
in my main plant tank. :-(