low CO2 vs. plants

Subject: low CO2 vs. plants

> I realize that two of the most important things for photosynthes
> light and CO2.
> But since there are certain plants that grow well in limited lig
> such as crypts and java moss are there any plants that grow well
> necessarily flourish though) in limited CO2 levels?  Would the p
> grow in low light also require less CO2?  I am asking this becau
> been having poor luck with a DIY CO2 generator and would be happ
> continue without it if possible even if it would limit the types
> I could grow.

The plants that will tolerate low light conditions will, for the 
most part also tolerate low CO2 levels.  If you have fairly soft, 
neutral-ish water, there are _LOTS_ of plants you can grow without 
supplemental CO2.  Even with harder/higher pH water, you have 
enough options to have a lush attrctive tank if you play your card 


Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA