Paludarium Evaporation

Subject: re:Paludarium

> >Actually the bigest "problem" with the tank is the incredible
> >evaporation rate due to the large surface area plus the waterfa
> >In the winter, I lose almost a gallon a day.

> I have the evaporation in my open 55 with a nearly open trickle 
> much in hand.  For me, the solution is a Patton full room humidi
>  more efficient technology that other humidifiers, but others sh
>  Using the humidifier, I only lose about 1 gallon every 3 or 4 d
> almost 2 gallons per day from my tank.  The humidifier on the ot
> through about 3 gallons a day.  The humidifier is actually in my
> the tank is in my living room, but it still makes a big differen

The tank is in a large family room with a cathedral ceiling and no 
doors beween in and the living room and kitchen.  I suspect it 
would be a major expense to insatll a humidifier for a space this 
large.  I figure the tanks do the humidifying for me!  Since I do 
large frequent water changes anyway, it's not a big enough problem 
for me to worry about.  But thanks for the suggestion!

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA