Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #102

Justin said, about his algae-rich 55 gallon:
     What should I do? Should I get a... pleco?  Am I alowed to
mention a plant eater like that around here? :)

As long as people are defending fish, I thought I'd defend this one.  I
admit that I am irrationally fond of plecos, but I can definitely say that
my 3" widemouthed pleco and my 5" or so (and two 3" or so) regular plecos
have never had any interest in any of my plants at all.  I would think
that, providing that they can munch on enough sinking veggie food, they
wouldn't bee too keen on plants, because they can't "attach" to them. 
They get a kick out of rasping on my logs, which probably would be covered
with algae without them, and they comb the gravel for good tidbits, but
I've never seen them notice my plants at all.  I suppose they may change
their behavior as they get older, or if they were fed a leafy-based diet,
but I've never had a problem with them.  I'd think they'd be great for
getting rid of algae on substrate (rocks, gravel, glass) but would be bad
at the delicate picking off that other catfish with smaller mouths can do
so well. They're quite comical and smart, in my opinion, and they keep the
glass clean from everything but those small hard to scrape dark green
spots.  The widemouth pleco is the most antisocial fish I've ever had, but
the others are great fun to watch.  Just my 2 cents.   :)

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