Re:possible SAE's

>you really got a mixed shipping?  I have talked about this with many 
>Finnish pet shop keepers and fish importers, and they all say that yes,
>sometimes, but very rarely, they get mixed shippings (normally SAEs and
>false siamensis), but then they just stop using that exporter and
>choose another, better one who can send only real SAEs.  

Well, what I got was one batch of "small flying fox" which look mostly
identical and one batch of  "stone lapping fish" which seem to have at least
two different patterns.  (i've tried ordering "Saimese Algae Eaters" in the
past, always end up with the "Chinese".   The "flying fox" are more slender
than the other group, with a pointier snout.  They have no coloration at all
on the fins at this stage and little sign of any light stripe above the
black one.  About half the "stone lappers" have some coloration beginning on
the fins, and look a lot like the larger "stone lappers" I used to get years
ago.  All three types seem to graze with great vigor on the green algae
covering the sides of the display tanks.  Actually, there usually so active
that I get a headache trying to watch one long enough to ID it.

>A real SAE baby has big eyes and a very sharp, triangular head.  The
>black stripe goes to the fork of the tail, and the back is unicolor.
>A false s. has thicker head and the stripe stops at the base of the tail
>fin.  A thin light stripe above the black is visible, and the back is
>darker than SAE's back.  I have never seen a baby flying fox, but I
>guess it is already more colourful at that age.

Thanks for the additional info.