Algae Eaters

     I was going to get on here and defend my 6 Chineese Algae Eaters.
I have never had problems with them.  To me Honest, I didnt even want
6 though.  I sent my wife to the store toget 3 SAE's and she came home
with 2 CAE and one tiny SAE.  They do seem to do the job a bit but
here is why I am not going to go on about why they are so great.
     My tank is being taken over by algae.  THese are the steps I have
taken over the last three weeks to try and stop it.  I obtained more
CAE's, I got a three small snails (one apple, two ramshorns), I cut my
light hours back to around 10  hours a day and skip a day more often.
I cut the pieces of the plants off that have the long branching black
algae on it, I rarely, if ever feed my fish which also includes
loaches, a fat cory cat, a black molly, neons, rasboras,and about 15 6
week old sword tails.  
     As a last resort, I got some Duck weed to posably sponge some
nutrients out of the water and away from growing algae.
     I have both the formentioned black algae, and quite a bit of
green hair like algae.  It seems to grow ALOT more on the back black
wall of the tank. 
      My tank is a 55 gallon, temperature is about 78, I run DIY CO2
and my ph is about 6.8.
     What should I do? Should I get a... pleco?  Am I alowed to
mention a plant eater like that around here? :)

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