Aquatic plant book

> From: Duco.Zecha at ZKB-IV_ZKG.ZKG.unisource.nl
> Date: Wed, 29 Nov 1995 14:09:06 +0100
>      I'm looking for a book in which I can find aquarium-plants only, with 
>      their descriptions and pictures. If anyone knows of such a book, can 
>      you tell me the title and ISBN number, so I can order it.

The most comprehensive book that I have is "Aquarium Plants:
their cultivation and ecology" by K Rataj and T Horeman
(published by TFH).  The pictures are mainly colour with a few
b/w.  It was written in 1977, and some of the information is a
bit out of date.

My personal wish is that they would publish an new version of
this book, one which has even more colour pictures, updated
information, and the index at the back uninterrupted by pages of
pictures (my pet peeve with the current one - it makes looking
particular species up just that much harder).

Another good plant book I have is "Aquarium Plants Manual" by I
Scheurmann (1993) (published by Barrons).  Although this doesn't
have information on nearly as many species as Rataj & Horeman, it
has nicer pictures.

And if you want pictures only (I know you didn't ask), get Nature
Aquarium World by T Amano (published non-Japan by TFH).
Excellent photographs of tanks with a landscape style.

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