Re: B. Lohachata

>Jean Opsomer says...
>>David Whittaker said...

>>I took delivery of six Pakistani loaches last week and
>>placed them in a snail-infested 15 gallon. They are
>>delightful, lively creatures. and the snails are now in
>>scavenger heaven. There is one problem though. Something
>>has been chewing holes out of new Amazon Sword leaves and
>>the only other possible candidates are two well-fed black
>>tetras. This is definitely not a (plant) nutrient deficiency.
>>Does anyone know if these loaches pose a threat to other
>>soft-leaved plants? I'd also be interested to know how they
>>handle salt as they may end up in a slightly brackish tank.
>I've kept one large one (5'') for almost 4 years in a fully planted tank,
>and while it did a great job on the snails, I never noticed any plant
>damage.  After moving several times, I can also testify that this species
>is extremely hardy.  Don't know about the salt, though.

We may be discussing different species since Baensch
indicates that this loach only reaches 2 3/4 inches
in length. Baensch has been known to be wrong before.