Re: New 30 gallon Plant tank

Subject: re:New 30 gallon Plant tank

>I would like advice on setting up a small plant tank.  Here is
>the deal. It is a 30 gallon tank (normal dimensions) and only has a
>heater. (I can not have a pump since I will be putting it in the
>bedroom and my girlfriend has outlawed any sort of noise producing fish tank
>stuff.  (I have a 130 gallon Tanganykan set up in the other room and my
>two magnums can be less than silent at times.)  I also dont want to get

An external Eheim cannister filter is very quiet.  I know people who keep
them in their bedroom and have reported no noise from them (I use a Fluval,
and it does get somewhat noisy occasionally when there is trapped air).
What about the new Eheim internal cannister filters?  I haven't used them,
but it seems that being completely submerged in the tank, they must be very
quiet.  Does anyone have one of these?