O' water wise: filtered water wonderings.

Hello everyone,

We are about to move into a new house, and plan to install water filters.
 The local company has two types:  one for drinking water, and one for
bathing water (both of which we plan to utilize).

The drinking water setup, as far as I can tell, is similar to a very large
Brita style filter (a combination of carbon & silver-something filtering(?))
- though they claim beneficial minerals are left in.  

The bathing water one, on the other hand, uses a different technique to get
the chlorine "out" - a method that treats far more water per cartridge
(45,000 gal vs. 1,000 gal).  This method uses what he called CADF (? - my
notes are woefully wedged on a business card) to change the chlorine to zinc
chloride (which the fellow says is thought to have beneficial effects to the
skin, but is not recommended for human ingestion).

The burning question is, naturally, which water should we use for the
fishtanks?  Is zinc chloride harmful to fish?   

Grateful in advance for answers - conjectural or otherwise,

Anne Hull Seales
(I can also call him back & pick his brain more thoroughly as to the nature
of these filters, if the info I have is too watered-down.)