Re: Newbee Question

>      I dont know what the tecnical term is, but I have a question
> about the tank setup style where you have a tank half water and half
> land.  

Hello Justin:

What you are talking about is called a paluderium or an aquaterrarium
(I've seen both names used).  Done right, they are spectacular! You
can have aquatic and terrestrial plants, fish, amphibians; a whole

Some people on this list, notably Karen Randall, have done outstanding
jobs on these and have published articles and pictures in magazines,
so you will get some excellent advice here.

> I think that thats great and all, but it seems like a glass
> cleaning nightmare!  How do you keep a white evapooration line off of
> the front of the glass?  Do you have to scrub it off every day or so?

My setup is a very modest one, but I never noted that problem.  In fact, 
my main cleaning problem is the small amount of soil that gets into
the water.  Since I use regular potting soil, it floats and looks annoying.
Though I must say the fish, etc, don't seem to care!

I do clean the inside glass about once a week using a spongie with a soft 
side and a hard side.