AGA Questionnaire

Karen Randall and I have worked up a short AGA questionnaire for the readers
of this list. The Aquatic Plants Digest has been an excellent vehicle for
exploring and sharing information about aquatic plants.  Let's see if we can
make the availability of this information even better!

             Please send your responses 
           to nfrank at nando_net (Neil Frank) 
        or to krandall at world_std.com (Karen A Randall)

1a.  Are you a member of the Aquatic Gardeners Association (AGA)?
1b.  If not, why not?
1c.  Would you like some information about AGA and "The Aquatic Gardener" (TAG) 
     emailed to you?

1d.  If you ARE a member, would you like your E-mail address added
     to the membership roster so that those with computers can talk to
     each other?

2a.  Have you previously been a member of the AGA?
2b.  If you dropped your membership, why?
2c.  Are there changes to the AGA that would get you to rejoin?

3a. Do you have access to the WWW?
3b. If so, have you visited the AGA page?

4.  Any other comments which relate to the AGA?


Visit the AGA home page at <http://blake.oit.unc.edu/~fish/aga/>