New 30 gallon Plant tank

        I would like advice on setting up a small plant tank.  Here is
the deal. It is a 30 gallon tank (normal dimensions) and only has a
heater. (I can not have a pump since I will be putting it in the
and my girlfriend has outlawed any sort of noise producing fish tank
stuff.  (I have a 130 gallon Tanganykan set up in the other room and my
two magnums can be less than silent at times.)  I also dont want to get
too complicated and buy a CO2 pump for the evenings. Although I might
sping for a good lamp set up if anyone has any good suggestions.

I would like to pack the tank with plants but I dont know too much
substrates.. I have medium gravel in the 130 and what plants that I
there do fine for about a year or so, but they dont grow out of control
like i would like.  (Another plus would be plants that grow well at
pH, since I plan on keeping the pH at 8.0 of so, just in case my
girlfrined caves in on the pump... in which case I would put a coulple
of   dwarf cichids in the talk once the plants are doing well.

So if anyone has suggestions on what sort of substrate and or what type
of plants I sould get please let me know.  I plan to put some oto's in
the tank to keep the algae down.  

Thanks in advance.

buddy wiese