Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #93

> I was wondering if anyone had found a source for laterite where one
> could buy it in quantity (like 10# or 20# bags). I just received Pet
> Warehouse's catalog and although they carry Dupla products, laterite in
> any quantity was not listed. Any suggestions?

Two. Chuck at A.R.T. says Laguna Clay's version has more laterite in it.
Also potter's laterite clay is almost certainly different from Dupla's but
whether it's significantly different or has other stuff in it that might be
dangerous, we don't know. No one has analyzed the alternatives.

1555 Louis Ave
Elk Grove Village, Il 60007-2313
Phone 1-800-323-0212 or 708-593-606.   Ask for Chuck.
                50#     $11.00
                25#   available but I forgot to ask price
                 5#       3.00
Catch - minimum order is $30 or there is a $5 handling charge.  Shipping by
UPS is, or course, extra.

Laguna Clay
In City of Industry, CA
$0.33/lb; $2.50 handling for UPS orders
Ask for laterite.

Greg. Tong
San Francisco, CA, USA
gtong at sirius_com

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