Crossocheilus oblongus

     The local fish dealer who has been trying valiantly to obtain some SAEs
for his customers has gotten in what seem to be the Crossocheilus oblongus
mentioned in the article by Neil Frank and Liisa Sarakontu.  They look very
much like the drawings of the "False Siamensis" but their fins are clear.  I
was wondering if anyone had kept these fish much and whether it would be
worth buying a few. I have a 30 gal. tank whose only algae-eater now is a
Chinese Algae Eater which does eat some of the algae but not of course red
algae.  I am mostly wondering if they are not often kept because they are
not commonly available or are they just not worth keeping?  (I don't care if
they don't eat red algae, I figure I will eventually be able to get some
real SAEs).  Would they be any improvement over the Chinese Algae Eater?  

    Also the pictures and drawings of the cyprinids on the AGA home page are
wonderful!  I'd look at the table of features before, but have a picture is
so useful! Thank you.