SEAs -- Where to find them?

I have been lurking out here quite a while and find that I now have to
delurk whether I want to or not.  The algae in my 135 gallon planted Discus
tank is starting to make me very unhappy, although the fish don't seem to
mind.  I know there or other things I should be doing (more light, CO2,
etc.) but would like to stick with a living solution if posible.  Bleach
treating the whole tank is not an option at this time.  I don't think the
Discus would like living in the bath tub as long as it would take to tear
the whole thing down and treat everything:-)

Please don't throw things at me, even tho I know this question has been
asked several times before.  Where can I find SEAs?  I know that I cannot
find them in Topeka, Kansas.  I recall that there is an aquarium shop in
California that will ship them, but can't find the references to the name
and address of such.  Any information will be much appreciated.

BTW, I want to thank everyone out there in cyber space for providing all of
the helpful information that has gotten me this far with my planted tanks.
I would never have made it past plastic without you.

schroedr at tyrell_net