Re: pH of tap water

>It sounds as though your municipal water supplier adds lime to the water to
>prevent it from dissolving metal from the pipes.  That is good.  I used to
>live in Boston, MA, where the rocks are granite and reservoir water does
>not come in contact with limestome.  The pH was about 6; no lime was added
>and the tap water had 5 PPM copper.  This amount of copper will kill snails
>in an hour and fish in one or two days.  Perhaps Boston is adding some lime
>now; I only know that they weren't doing it when I was there in the early
>'70's.  I used to collect water for my aquariums from runoff from a
>fenced-in reservoir near Boston. I wondered whether it was healthy to drink
>water with that much copper.

According to the anaylist I recieved for the water company they don't, well
it is not listed as such anyway. The copper is low or at least I think it is
at .05 ppm. There is alot of limestone around here too and the places that
have well water have a much higher hardness than I do. I am fairly lucky in
the fact that my water comes from a small river here. The GH is 130 ppm with
a KH of 66 ppm. 
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