Aeration/agitation and H2O/CO2

Have any of you done experiments with Trickle Filters and alleged CO2 drive
off?  (George didn't you do something?)

I'd appreciate some good solid chemistry if any of you have it.  Does CO2 have
a greater affinity for water then does O2?  If it does then how can surface
agitation or aeration decrease CO2?  If it does not, then why do we always hear
TF's drive off CO2, same story for air pumps, surface agitation, waterfalls,
and so on.

Can anyone give me good scientific answers as to the relation of CO2 and O2
content of water as it relates to exposure to the air?

Thanks in advance,

Doug Valverde  75051,160 at compuserve_com  or dvalver at ibm_net