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Due to the extreme rise in prices of a Polish Internet
provider, NASK, who has a monopoly for such services, it is
very much possible that the FIDO<->Internet gateway at
pm.waw.pl will be closed for good. If no other Internet
gateway will be opened, FIDO in Poland will lose contact
with internet and nothing can be done about it.

If this is the case, I would like to say that this is
probably one of the sadest moments of my life to say goodbye
to all the friends on Internet I had access to up till now,
and to all the extremely valuable knowledge I have gathered

Therefore don't be suprised if my listserv-gateway will
close down very soon and remain silent until something is
done about it on higher levels.

For the time being, I and all the people using my gateway
will remain active, but if a moment comes when they become
silent, don't be surprised.

          ||/   -=< TONID >=-
     | /| |/   Tomasz Nidecki
     || |//    tonid at falcon_mimuw.edu.pl (FWD to FIDO)
     ||////    Tomasz.Nidecki at f78_n480.z2.fidonet.org
     /  /_
    |', ___
    |  /

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