The ultimate red algae eater?

Few days ago I chatted with a friend of mine, who is a pet shop owner
and a freshwater aquarist.  We talked about red algae, and she said to
me that the best red algae eaters she have ever met, far better than
SAEs, are the MALAWI CICHLIDS.  Whenever she has a plant that is badly
attacked by red algae, she throws it into a Malawi tank and they clean
it in no time, and don't damage the plant.

She also said that it could be possible to use them in a planted
community tank as algae eaters, at least temporarily, because they
can be kept in pH 7.0 without any harm, and when they fight, they do
it with each other and don't harm other fishes.  No, I didn't ask which
species she was thinking of, but I guess that any of the common types.

I haven't seen this yet but I'll make her prove it when I next time
visit her shop.  What do you think, folks?  I'm not going to the first
to try that!

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