Gibberellic acid

The TAG  Vol 8 No. 5 (Sep-Oct 95) issue contains an interesting
article on the use of Gibberellic acid, GA3 "plant growth regulator".
Is this a kind of hormone for plants? Is anyone on the list experimenting
with this stuff? The article mentions a source from ProGibb,
Abbot Laboratories, North Chicago, IL. The study in the article dealt
with measuring rates of Cryptocoryne flowering done by Greg Davis
and Mike Kane of Dept of Environmental Horticulture, box 110670,
University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611. In the Q&A section in the
back of the issue Mike Kane mentioned the use of GA3 or in conjunction 
with plant growth regulator benzyladenine to break the dormancy phase
of Aponogetons. It is said that Gibberellic acid is available in many
garden supply stores.

This sounds very promising for use with Aponogeton madagascariensis!! :-)

 Steve Pushak - spush at hcsd_hac.com - Vancouver, BC, Canada