Re: Spathiphyllum wallisii and algae

> From: olga at arts_ubc.ca

Howdy neighbour!

> My anubias have a lot of fluffy green brush algae all around the edges of
> the leaves and my cryptocorynes have the same thing on their stems.
> This algae is also growing in a few clumps on the back glass
> and on the filter. I now have 3 lovely little SAEs (the real ones) due to
> the generous and much appreciated help of Erik Olson.

Yes, thanks Erik; Olga and I made the trip down to Seattle on the weekend
and returned with several young SAEs; I have 5 in each tank now.

> Can this algae be discouraged with addition of iron rich
> fertilizer or will that make it worse?

I don't believe that the presence or absence of chellated iron fertilizer
will have any effect on red brush algae. I recall someone mentioning that
an overly high concentration (unlikely if you're following the 
recommended dosage instructions) of Fe will cause growth of a very fine
fur algae. The predominant algae that I saw in your tank was good old
red brush algae and green water algae however.

> The tank also has an algae bloom due I'm sure to the added light (since my
> new hood) and probably too much fish feeding. I have taken the following
> steps. Reduced the light -- lights now go off for two hours at noon;
> stopped feeding the fish for now; added several floating water sprites;
> added a second yeast bottle to produce more CO2 for the plants. The algae
> bloom has thinned out over the last couple of days. Am I doing the right
> things? Should I add fertilizer or withhold it?

Yes. The reduction of total hours of lighting temporarily and the use
of floating plants and reduction in feeding will help reduce concentrations
of nutrients. As the plants mature, the taller more vigorous varieties
will reduce the amount of indirect and reflected light on the Crypts 
which should reduce the algae problem there. The SAEs should make a big
difference too. If the stems of the Crypts have been too badly affected
by the brush algae, you may need to wait for new leaves too form. Do you
have any terrapur cones? The clay in these cones should stimulate root
hair formation around the Crypts (and other root plants). I have to
resort to this method until I can convert my 49g from gravel to a soil
layered substrate. I forget what supplements you were using; I think it
was a good quality (& expensive) one. I'd continue that for now. I like

I'd be interested to hear advice concerning your questions on
spathiphyllum wallisii (I have another one left) and trumpet snails
in tanks with fertilizer tablets or clay/soil substrates. I don't
know exactly what's in terralit but I suspect it's not highly soluble
and therefore not a problem with trumpet snails. The Spathis did much
better under 2 watts/gal than the ~4 watts/gal but did not show very
significant growth. It's hard to determine my lighting level now
because I have raised the MH fixture to about 24" above the tank and
added a lot of shade plants like H. diff, Salvinia and Ceratopteris
pteroides. The algae is not attacking the new leaves so it should be
ok. I'm feeding my SAEs flake food currently cause they're still small
and still seem to be adjusting to their new environment. I'd like to
see them fatten up a few weeks before I put them on an all algae

Talk to you later...

Steve (on the other side of town :)