why take out algae?

     Over the last two months I have noticed a VERY slow growing bit
of hair algae.  Thats what I assume it is.  It grows almost black and
stemms out like a little tree.  I only have two little clumps and have
not seen signs of any other.  All of the other algae is kept in check
by my team of 6 chineese algae eaters and 1 SAE.  My Team of loaches
probbably doesnt hurt either.
     So why should I unnessiarily dunk my arm into the tank and get
rid of the stuff?  Is it going to bloom, sending off millions of
spores, taking over my tank in a manner of days?  Sounds like an "X
Files" episode!
    One question for all of you light gurus out there. There has been
much discussion as to how tank depth and light intensity are related.
Now here is my question.  What if the sides of my tank arnt glass?
Will I not get a light tube effect?  I have started plans to
EVENTUALLY build a rebar reinforced cement tank.  I plan on converting
a small bedroom in my house into a 2500+ gallon tank. (I'm NOT joking)
 If I run say...12 t8's in a tank thats about 6.5 feet deep, am I going to have
a problem getting enough light to the bottom where I want to have a
plethera of chain swords and such?
     Now all I need is a lawn mower that is fully submersible :)

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