Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #81

>From: krombhol at felix_TECLink.Net (Paul Krombholz)

>Hi Jim!!  Are you still in Milwaukee?

Yep, same job, too.  

>>Anubias are about as tough as they come.  If you are bleaching them and
>>actually causing damage, then you must be giving them more than 5% bleach or
>>more than four minutes exposure.  It is, as you say, one part of the Clorox
>>solution plus 19 parts of water.  Another way of saying it is 5 percent of the
>>liquid bleach solution plus 95% water.  That would be like 50 cc of Clorox
>>diluted up to a liter.  That would work out to 0.25% sodium hypochlorite.
>>Delicate plants get 2 minutes, robust plants, up to 4 minutes.  It is
>>important, of course to rinse them thoroughly and then plant them in a tank
>>free of hair algae.  Otherwise, it just climbs on the plants again.

OK, but how many "glugs" does that equal per bucket?     ; )

Yeah, I've been a little heavy on the chlorox, probably ranging from 10% to
50%.  Thanks for clearing that up.  Regarding the "tank free of hair algae",
I've had a couple of tanks over the years in which hair algae appeared to
grow ONLY on the Anubias - Anubias nana I got a decade or so ago from you,
no less.  I've even gone as far as keeping a tank Anubias-free for a few
months and never saw a trace of the hair algae. 

Thanks again,