New Plant Tank Setup--Any advice

I have a 75 gallon aquarium with a few plants that I have decided to convert
to a plant tank with a few fish.
Current setup:
2 40W Tritons
Penguin 300 power filter
H.O.T. Magnum canister filter
RUGF w/ 2 PH 145gph each
The tank will have a "southeast asia motif" so a lot of the plants will be
Cryptocoryne sp. I bought a book recently called Nature Aquarium World by
Takashi Amano and I want something along those lines (if any of you are
familiar with the book). My questions are:
1) Will 80W of tritons be enough? Most of the 75 gallon setups in the book
use 80W.
2) I'm planning on using Yeast CO2 injection initially (until I can afford
the investment in a real CO2 system). Any major problems with this?
3) What would be the best (most reliable, best value) place to order the
plants from. There is a surprisingly limited selection of plants in this area
(Chattanooga, TN)?
Thanks for any input,
Tony McDaniel