Re: algae in fish/plant tank

> From: Bryan W Vought <bwvought at mailbox_syr.edu>
> I washed my plants in a 20:1 water:bleach mixture a few months ago, and 
> it didn't really slow down the algae. However it did claim the lives of 
> some of my favorite plants.  I attribute the bleach treatment to killing 
> my anubias nana, water sprite (which was doing very well at the time), 
> and a couple of swords.

Yes, you'd have to be very careful using a bleach algae treatment
for plants with very thin, soft leaves such as valisnaria or water sprite.
I wouldn't even bother to use bleach on such plants as they can easily
grow new leaves quite quickly and then you discard the old ones.
Many people don't use bleach at all on their aquarium plants; there
are many delicate types which would not tolerate it well. It is better
to seek the root of the problem with algae; excessive feeding, too
many fish and to use fast growing plants to use up extra nutrients
and provide shade. Proper CO2 concentration seems to be important for
me too.

Steve Pushak            spush at hcsd_hac.com       Vancouver BC CANADA