Your opinion on aquarium plant mail order companies is ???

 I have revised my previous mail order aquarium plant list. For newbies I
wanted to include a section on what people’s impressions are about the
service and the plants.  I‘ve included a list of all of the mail order
companies in the list, just fill in your remarks about any company that
you have received plants from and email me your response. Also, if you
know of any other companies I should be including, please let me yknow. 
mcnei002 at maroon_tc.umn.edu

Arizona Aquatic Gardens (Tucson, Arizona) = 
AquaFlora (Singapore) =
Aquarium Driftwood  (Mobile, Alabama) = 
Delaware Aquatics (Newark, Delaware)  =
Dennerle (Muenschweiler, German)=
Horizon Growers (Ramona, California) =
Natural Aquarium (Pacific, Missouri) =
That Fish Place (Lancaster, Pennsylvania) =
Tropica (Denmark) =