Re: SAEs

> I am *TREMENDOUSLY* impressed at the clarity of your hand
> drawings.  Excellent job.

Gee, thanx Charley. *blush* :-) 
> From: Stephen.Pushak at saudan_HAC.COM
> Subject: Re: SAE pix & fish response to plant pruning
> Liisa had an excellent article in The Aquatic Gardener a few months ago.
> I suspect the hand drawn pictures on Liisa's homepage
> are the same ones in her article. 

Stephen, it was by Neil Frank and me, not just by me, and the issue was
Mar-Apr 1995 (Vol.8 No.2).  And right, same drawings.

About SAEs and pruning plants:
SAEs get easily used to all things I do to the tank: pruning, replanting,
water changing and vaccuuming the bottom.  Sometimes they let me stare at
them when my nose is pressed to the glass and they don't get upset
whatever happens in our living room - unlike my red-tailed shark, who
sometimes hides when we have guests in the house.  Few days ago one of
my old SAEs even let me pet himself when he came to eat.

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