Re: algae in fish/plant tank (fwd)

Thanks for replying to my post.  I had been fertilizing with Kent's 
Freshwater Plant fertilizer.  After I  started seeing algae growth I 
discontinued the fertilizer.

I am not sure what kind of algae growth I am getting.  It is a 
yellow-green color, and covers all of the plants and gravel with a slime 
costing.  On one of my bunch plants, it draws the leaves in toward the 
stem.  I can remove the algae with  my thumb and forefinger easily by 
pulling up the plant.  The algae will even come of plants if I vacuum the 
leaves directly.  I had been getting hair algae and I found I could kill 
that by increasing the light from 10 hrs. to 15 hrs/day.

I used to get lush plant growth, but ever since the algae explosion, the 
plants have not really grown at all.  The only real growth I have seen is 
with the valisnaria.

I washed my plants in a 20:1 water:bleach mixture a few months ago, and 
it didn't really slow down the algae. However it did claim the lives of 
some of my favorite plants.  I attribute the bleach treatment to killing 
my anubias nana, water sprite (which was doing very well at the time), 
and a couple of swords.

Any ideas?