Pots with fertalizer

        Someone asked about pots with manure as a base.  Well when i first 
started out in Aquariums the person who introduced me to aquariums was an
German aquariast and naturalist.  All of his tanks consisted of an initial
layer of two inches of well rotted cow or horse manure.  This was then covered
with 2 inches of fine beach sand.  An interesting thing about the manure is
that he always treated it by putting it in an oven at 375 degrees F. for 4
hours to destroy and bacteria or other organisms that might be in it.  With
a minimum amount of lighting his tanks always had fantastic plant growth with
a usual miz of Crypts, corkscrew Val. and the largest Amazon swords I have 
seen to date.  He also used no additional fertalizers or CO2 systems.  His
fish were mainly Angles and Discus which he breed on regular and successful