Re: E.Quadricostatus and other chain swords

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>From: nfrank at nando_net (Neil Frank)
>Date: Thu, 16 Nov 95 08:50:51 EST
>Subject: Re: E.Quadricostatus and other chain swords

>>From: KB Koh <KB_Koh at ccm_ipn.intel.com>

>>I've got tired of my tall growing E.Quadricostatus. They are about
>>15-20cm tall, some taller than my E.Amazonicus.  I need it to grow less
>>than 10cm. I saw the same thing at the fish shop and their runners are
>>less than 5cm tall. It must be the CO2 as the shop do not inject any
>>CO2. Someone please advise me how make it grow shorter. Don't tell me to
>>use E.Tennellus because the shop are not selling them over here. Thanks.

>Are you sure that you have quadricostatus? In the table presented below are
>some measurements of four chainswords which I have grown under different
>condtions. I think the best indicator for quadricostatus is the width of the
>leaves. I have not yet been able to grow quadicostatus as tall as yours, and

>                                  Cultivation Conditions
>- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
>- ------
>                     TANK No. ->           1          2          3
>                                       -------------------------------------
>- -------
>               |Tank size(liters)     300          120          280
>               |Lighting (watts)       160             20          80
>               |Substrate             soil          peat          peat
>               |Use of CO2             Yes          No          No
>Chain sword type
>- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
>- ---------
>'wide leaf' chain      Leaf length (cm)     11          -          2.8
>E.quadricostatus      Leaf width (mm)     10          -          6
>                Number of leaves     14          -          14
>- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

I'm sure it is E.Quadricostatus as the leaves are between 10mm-15mm wide. Or 
could it be a new variety of E.Quad? When I bought them, they are about 7cm tall
but when I add CO2, all my Echinodorus double in size except for E.Parviflorus 
"Tropica" (ref: Dennerle). The leaves are soft and not strap-like texture. I 
remember someone mentioned that they will grow tall in low light. Is this true 
or just true if you have CO2 injection. I have 80W for 50g tank. The shop have 
40W for their 6' tank but it is situated in a rather bright location, and do not
have CO2 injection.


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