Forgive me for a rather basic question, but would someone be so kind as  
to answer the following:

What is the scientific name for Siamese Algae Eaters? I have Baensch  
Aquarium Atlas Vol. 2 (I haven't been able to afford buying Vol. 1 yet)  
and the only thing listed under 'Siamese' is the 'Siamese Stone-Lapping  
Fish'. Is this it?

Secondly, could someone point me to a resource on the net that would  
have an accurate, clear picture of an SAE? I've been reading about how  
so many people have been duped by "False Siamese" that I'm leery of  
purchasing anything until I know exactly what one looks like (and yes,  
if I can get a picture, I will have it printed so that I can take it  
with me when I go looking!).

Thanks in advance for your patience.

     John Green, London, ON, Canada - Team OS/2
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