Re: Moneywort

George Booth wrote....

>> From: ac554 at freenet_carleton.ca (David Whittaker)
>> I've got something rotting in my tank, sold as Moneywort.
>> Have my doubts as to whether it's an aquatic. What is it?
>I think we'll need more clues :-).
>Hydrocotyle leucocephala ("Brazilian Pennywort") is an aquatic and is
>undemanding.  It has liliy-pad like leaves about 3-4" in dia and tends
>to want to grow to the surface so the leaves can float. 
>Lysimachia nummularia ("Creeping Penny" or "Moneywort") has small
>round leaves up to about 1/2" dia.  It is slow growing and needs high

L. nummularia may be it. The plant consists of a straight, segmented
stem. The segments are about 3/4" long. A few tiny leaves grow at the end
of the stem. I figured that Ottawa couldn't be the only location on
the planet where it was sold under the name of "Moneywort." Thanks.