Lighting FAQ

> From: Charley Bay <charleyb at hpgrla_gr.hp.com>
> Date: Mon, 13 Nov 95 8:30:10 MST
> Subject: Lighting FAQ
> Do we have a lighting FAQ?

There is an "unofficial" lighting FAQ written by Richard Sexton (it's
available in http://www.cco.caltech.edu/~aquaria/Krib/Lighting/), and
currently Thomas Sasala is working on refinining the info into a more
modern and condensed version, plus more emphasis on DIY.  I will post the
first draft here when it's written, if anyone would like to help "debug" 
it.  And, anyone who's interested in participating in the FAQ writing is
welcome to join the "developers" mailing list (e-mail me).  After a 
6-month restbit, the group is starting to work on the next batch of new 

> If we don't have a lighting FAQ, I volunteer to help coordinate it.
> We have had some very excellent posts lately and in the past on the
> many different types of lighting available, options, DIY, etc.

If you have any saved posts on this matter, I'd really appreciate getting 
copies of this.  We'd like to have as much relevant info included as 
possible (the new 48" T8's, the new super-expensive compact fluorescents, 
and even the usual 9/13W CF's, for instance).

> BTW, I have lots of plants to unload (and a few I am looking for) and am 
> anxiously awaiting the conclusion of the "plant trader" discussion.  :-)

Why not just post what you have here?  I got lots of takers last time I 
was trying to do this.

  - Erik

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