Re: Moneywort or Pennywort

the George wrote:
> > From: ac554 at freenet_carleton.ca (David Whittaker)
> > 
> > I've got something rotting in my tank, sold as Moneywort.
> > Have my doubts as to whether it's an aquatic. What is it?
> I think we'll need more clues :-).
> Hydrocotyle leucocephala ("Brazilian Pennywort") is an aquatic and is
> undemanding.  It has liliy-pad like leaves about 3-4" in dia and tends
> to want to grow to the surface so the leaves can float. 

This plant will sometimes develop those "rotting" leaves but given
moderate lighting, it will usually grow back from the small green tip.
Its usually not too demanding and should thrive in conditions where
other plants are growing. I think it does better in a slightly higher
nutrient fish tank with moderate lighting than a high light tank where
the water nutrients are low and the plants are getting theirs from the
substrate. Its a floater, eh?

> Lysimachia nummularia ("Creeping Penny" or "Moneywort") has small
> round leaves up to about 1/2" dia.  It is slow growing and needs high
> light.