Re: Blue-green algae

From: Charley Bay:

> BTW, I have lots of plants to unload (and a few I am looking for) and am 
> anxiously awaiting the conclusion of the "plant trader" discussion.  :-)

Me too! The problem is where can I find enough newbies to take all of
these plants! As far as I'm concerned, a few postings of what I got
or what I want are fine. Alternatively, just look for somebody near you
on this list and you could visit. To that end, I have a list of
people on this list who have mentioned their general location. In
some cases this is just a country (for instance Holland (but then
Holland is not that big so maybe you could just drive over to visit))
Email me if you want it. BTW, if you want to be included on my list,
just mention your location.

> The blue-green algae would first form on the roots of
> a terrestrial plant sticking out of the tank, but would
> then "fall" down onto the aquatic plants below.

I find that it will start on anything wet sticking out of the water
that is getting direct strong light. (like my filters). Bits of it
can fall into the tank and start growing there. I prevent it by
regularly cleaning anything that gets algae on it before it has
a chance to drop and preventing light from hitting the filter.
Its fairly easy to deal with if you pick it out or remove badly
affected plants/parts.

> I reduced nutrients and did water change, no avail.

I think it's the air. It wants access to gaseous N2. A nitrogen
fixer! (just the thing you don't need in an aquarium ;-)

Steve Pushak, spush at hcsd_hac.com   Vancouver, BC, CANADA