Re: Wet/dry Filters and Plant tanks

Guy Schwartz wrote on Sun, 12 Nov
> local fish store owners claimed that a wet/dry filter was not 
> the best thing for a planted tank. Is this true?

If you are injecting CO2 into your tank, it will increase CO2
diffusion somewhat. There is no particular reason to require a
wet/dry filter for an aquatic plant aquarium, IMHO. Save yer $.

> How much of a benefit are underground heaters?  

I think it is agreed that undergravel heating and under the
aquarium substrate heating improves the efficiency with which
roots grow and absorb nutrients hence stimulating healthy
plant growth.

> is it proper netiquette to e-mail someone [directly]?

Sure, why not?!

Steve Pushak     spush at hcsd_hac.com   Vancouver, BC, Canada