Crypts and T-8's

> Subject: Crypto s

Frank Kerkhoven wrote:

> One direct question. I use to have Cryptocoryne affinis. I under
> the name has changed. If so what s the new name.

I have not heard that it's name has been changed.
> I m living in the Netherlands, and i find it harder and harder t
> plants that used  about 10-15 years ago. Is this a common phenom
> or is this something just for holland??
> Groeten,

Here in the U.S. it has _always_ been a problem getting good 
plants locally.  Most serious plant hobbyists do a lot of trading 
by mail!

> From: HeathDA at agresearch_cri.nz
> Date: Mon, 13 Nov 1995 10:40 +1200 (NZST)
> Subject: Re: T-8 fluorescents
> >From: krombhol at felix_TECLink.Net (Paul Krombholz)
> >Date: Sat, 11 Nov 1995 12:27:43 -0600
> >Subject: Re: T-8 fluorescents
> >
> >T-12's are the common, 1.5 inch diameter fluorescent lights.  T
> >only 1 inch diameter.  They are brighter, and you can pack them
> >together.  I made a light fixture for a fifteen gallon plant ta
> >four two foot T-8's, run by an Advance electronic ballast (REL-
> >This ballast can run 3 or 4 T-8's, which can be 48 inch, 36 inc
> >inch bulbs.  It cost me around $26.00.  Using a light meter, I 
> >the four T-8 bulbs put out about twice as much light as three T
> >agree with Karen.  T-8's are definitely better than T-12's.   I
> >to replace the two T-12's on my 55 gal with four T-8's and the 
> >on my 75 gal with eight T-8's.
> >
> >Paul Krombholz                  Tougaloo College, Tougaloo, MS 
> This is probably a stupid question but if T-8's are brighter (pr
> light??) than the T-12's, why do you feel that you have to repla
> T-12's with twice as many T-8's

T-8's _are_ brighter, but I think Paul's point was that because 
they're NARROWER, it's physically possible to put more over a 
tank.  I have not increased the number of bulbs over my tanks (I 
am limited by the shape of my fixtures) but I _have_ switched to 
T-8's and am very glad that I did.

> From: KB Koh <KB_Koh at ccm_ipn.intel.com>
> Date: Mon, 13 Nov 95 10:14:00 PST
> Subject: T-8 vs T-12 bulbs

> >The bad news is that you can't walk into any old hardware stor
> >and find them. (yet)  They are used primarily for energy effici
> >commercial lighting.  You need to find a place that supplies
> >lighting for COMMERCIAL purposes.  Phillips and GE both produc
> >comparable bulbs, but the ones I use are GE SPX50 bulbs. I pay 
> >each for them.
> Karen, Not true in this part of the world. T-8 is the common bul
> that can be found in department stores and hardware shops. T-12 
> is considered endangered specie here. I was surprise at first to
> the thicker Triton, having used to the thinner bulbs for ages. W
> also been using it on common ballast, not the electronic type.

I'm glad to here that T-8s are commonly available in some places. 
(where are you?  I'm in New England)  Unfortunately, if you are 
not using them with an electronic ballast, you are losing most of 
the benefits these bulbs have to offer.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA