Lighting FAQ

Do we have a lighting FAQ?

> There are three types of starting technology.  (1) preheat - an 
> auxiliary starter is used to heat the tube ends and strike an arc across 
> the tube.  (2) rapid start - a special ballast applies a relatively low 
> voltage directly to special, quick-heating cathodes (tube ends).  (3) 
> instant start - the ballast supplies a voltage spike of magnitude up to 4 
> times the normal operating voltage of the bulb.
> Most aquarium hoods are of the preheat type [snip...]

When I feel stupid and frustrated enough, I try to take the time to
get overly-informed on the issue.  Things that come to mind are, "Why
can't I put this 99 cent shoplight bulb in my aquarium hood without
it burning out in the first two seconds?"

If we don't have a lighting FAQ, I volunteer to help coordinate it.
We have had some very excellent posts lately and in the past on the
many different types of lighting available, options, DIY, etc.

Because I'm slow on the pick-up, I'll have to go back and scour the
Aquatic Plants List for previous posts (I didn't save this thread).

Any thoughts?

BTW, I have lots of plants to unload (and a few I am looking for) and am 
anxiously awaiting the conclusion of the "plant trader" discussion.  :-)

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