The incredible SAEs

I never really believed,

now I do...

It's just incredible - I've never thought that SAE-s can be
THAT effective!!! there is barely a single red algae left in
my tank! The four SAEs I have (one went down, unknown
reason, I suspect it was just unable to adapt) are doing an
incredible job, and I think that next week I'm going out and
buying MORE (if they still have any...)! I don't have the
space now to spare but I might then give them to some of my
friends for keeping for the future (I wish they were more
popular... :( ) and they will be just as happy thanx to the
ability of this fish to eat algae! It's just incredible - no
need for any chlorine treatments, nothing!! A combination of
Ramshorn snails to get rid of green algae and similar stuff
and SAEs for red algae can be recommended to any plant
keeper with trouble with this kind of thing!

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